Organisational Development of FEDINA

The Organisational Development Journey of FEDINA started in August 2022. For the last three decades FEDINA has been actively working to realise rights of the marginalised communities especially unprotected workers.

In order to align our work to the current context it is necessary reflect and re-strategies our work with the community.

The Organisational Development is towards building FEDINA’s institutional capacities and systems for its effective performance, system thinking and sustaining its community centric work in India to become a worker resource centre.

(a) Institutional level – where internal process, policies and systems are been strengthened,

(b) Programme level-five year strategic plan along with stronger monitoring and learning framework are been developed;

(c) Finance systems – finance operational process and including fundraising are been strengthened.

(d) Capacity building – We are imparting training to our staff team, worker leaders and other social action groups. We are developing communication strategies for working effectively and sharing our work externally;

Key Highlights of the Organisational Development Journey:

Internal Change Team

August 2021: In order to work on the aspects of Organisational Development intervention, an Internal Change Team (ICT) was formed. Consist of the principal consultant and 5 members from FEDINA staff.

Team Building

October 2021, To begin the Organisational Development process we started with the Team building workshop for all the staff members of FEDINA to reflect on team dynamics and the conscious and unconscious role one plays in the organisation, for effective functioning, strengthening the bonds and conflict resolution.

Reformulating Vision Mission Goals and Values

November 2021: FEDINA is been working since three decades with a mission in its functioning. This participatory process helped to reflect and abstract the essence of FEDINA’s Work on paper.

Strategic Planning

April 2022, to help the sector wise teams in FEDINA to work and develop a Strategic plan based on the organisations Vision, Mission and Goal.

Working with Network of Social Action Group(NSAG) & Federation:

April & May 2022, To revive the processes, to form new structures, develop second line leadership, discussed changes and challenges they experience and expect in the external environment and reformulate vision mission and goals of these two initiatives.

Organisation Structure

August 2022: Updated the Organisation structure for better functioning and accountability by clarifying roles and responsibility.

Development of Policies and Processes

Developed Finance Manual, Code of Conduct, Safeguarding Policy.

Glimpse of the OD Process