(Foundation for Educational Innovations in Asia)

FEDINA, is a labour rights NGO set up in 1983 as a Trust with the objective of empowering the Structurally marginalized communities, the oppressed and the poorest of the poor to demand there Rights. “

Facilitate via Training for consciousness building and collective leadership among Domestic workers, Sanitation workers, Garment workers, Construction workers.

The elderly who worked in different informal sector workers, now retired because of age and inability to work anymore. We support and campaign for accessing their rights.

Space for children to read and engage in creative activities and events in the underprivileged areas. We also organise different programs for children.

We primarily work with women and promote women leadership from Dalit, Adivasi underprivileged identities in different forum.

What’s New
Diversity Games and Arts Event April 2023
Enrolment Drive and Legal Awareness training: Lakshmi Layout. Bengaluru.
Free Medical Camp for Elderly: Doctors consultation and Medicines Distribution.

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